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Report which shows the way over 30 medical men and finally the lasertherapy by Dr. Wilden


Grafik which shows the time relation between the attacks and the lasertherapy by Dr. Wilden

Karls report: Morbus Meniere

I was born in 1951. In November 2000 I had a business accident and my 8th thoracic vertebra broke. In hospital they didn't find anything than severe bruises. The physicians didn't find the fracture earlier than half a year later. Upon the accident I've been suffering from pains along my spine. During that period of time I've been to a health resort in Bad Säckingen for a couple of weeks. After that I received physical therapy that brought relief after a while. I did a lot of workout such as nordic walking and cycling.

One year later I suffered from shoulder-, neck- and headaches that were growing stronger and stronger. Headaches would start early in the morning when I was still in bed and stay for about four hours, acompanied by drowsiness, nausea and photosensitivity. My doctor was certain he knew the cause of my pains and prescribed fango and massages which was a slight relief for a short time. And he told me to take St. John's Word, but it didn't soothe my pains as I could have told before.

It was in the middle of 2002 when I started to realize my shoulder-, neck- and headaches were accompanied by dizziness. I didn't pay too much attention to it, though, as I thought it came from the accident and its aftereffects.

I'm telling you the whole long story as I'm sure my dizziness comes from the accident. My physicians kept denying that although they proved to be unable to find the real cause of my dizzy attacks. The diagnosis consisted of "probably", "in all likelihood", "suspect of" and "dizziness of undefinable origin".

In September 2003, my wife and me went on vacation in Turkey. On the 2nd day of our vacation I lay on the bed and read the newspaper. When I went to the bathroom, I ran into the doorframe and in the bathroom I had my first attac of dizziness with loosing control of myself. I didn't know what was going on with me. Everything around me seemed to turn and every move, especially of the head, made everything worse. After 20 minutes I finally managed to lie down in bed where I spent the next three hours until I felt better. I thought it were circulation problems due to the flight and climate change. After that I had no more attacks of dizziness until January 2004.

Between January 2004 and October 2006, I had 44 attacks. There were major differences regarding the intensity and time. Most of the attacks I had in April and June whereas I had no such attacks in November.

The attacks took between one minute and three hours. Sometimes the turning direction seemed to be to the left, sometimes to the right.

Trigger: standing upright
            when walking
            bending forward
            straightening - turning - running off
            moving my arms forward - opening and closing the door
            sitting - standing up - running off - after 30 seconds (time delay)
t was never triggered by sitting or lying. Additional problems: major sweating
            burning eyes
            heart racing
            pressure on forehead and ears
            blurry sight
            mages disappeared in a jerky way

All the dizziness attacks came along with headaches, neck aches, tense muscles in the shoulders and pains along my spine.

Sitting or lying down had a soothing effect. I never had problems when driving a car.

My blood pressure was okay as well, mostly between 120 and 80. I weren't able to bring about a fit of dizziness.

My ENT-doctor didn't find anything, but gave me remedies against dizziness. They brought no relief, though. After a couple of appointments he told me there were dizziness-sufferers whose dizziness disappeared for no apparent reason. That didn't cheer me up, though. In February 2004, I was in ENT-hospital. I received 10 infusions containing trental and cortisone. All those balance examinations were mere horror - and without success. When I left hospital, my physician told me they didn't know where my problem was and assigned me to the dizziness section of the neurological department.

During the anamnesis a physician told me that I had psychological problems and that alone was the cause of my dizziness. At that time I had no specific problems of any kind, though, be it job-wise, financially or in my private life. They talked me into taking part in a study on dizziness for one year. I received beta blockers, Vomex a, Diclofnac and ASS. That seemed to approve my experience that physicians tend to attribute bodily symptoms to psychological problems when they don't come up with an appropriate diagnosis. I received psychotropics that made me see things that weren't there. As the drugs didn't work I was allowed to try new ones over and over again. It was a horrible time with no improvement at all. I dare say that I ended up eating pills. They didn't help at all, though.

Things got worse rather than better. A physician advised me to write a headache report. He didn't take a look at it, though.

In the middle of 2004, my health insurance made me go to treatment at a health resort. That was very surprising to me as there was no diagnosis. At that point of time I was under medical treatment at a neurologist's and sent to rehab in Westerwaldklinik by my health insurance. A rehab hospital for Neuroligical Science and Neurological Psychosomatic Sciences. I was supposed to stay for three weeks and ended up staying five weeks. During my stay I had a dizziness attack during a session with my psychologist. The physicians who were called to help me didnt't know what to do. Neither did the physician who examined me for 30 minutes. All she said was that it was "impressive". The only positive aspect that I took home with me from rehab was a course in autogenic training. It helped me alleviate my headache and tense muscles by relaxation music.

Due to my dizziness I was unable to work for months. I was always feeling dizzy. I wasn't able to walk straight. When looking to the side I started feeling dizzy immediately. When I walked upstairs I had to hold on to the balustrade on the left and right hand side. When the road lead up or down a hill I started feeling dizzy. During that time my employer had to rationalize and I received a redundancy due to business operations.

In February 2006, I've been to Bad Füssing for a week of relaxation accompanied by applications.

My wife told me about a speech of MD Wilden in the cure house. I didn't go there, though, as I didn't expect much of it after all the experiences I had been through with physicians.
On the day of our departure my wife and me went to visit MD Wilden's praxis. What I experienced there can't be described with words. MD Wilden took himself a whole lot of time for me and he knew an answer to all of my questions. He answered in a very detailed way and his answers were very plausible and easy to understand.
I hadn't made an appointment and the information meeting was free of charge. We left MD Wilden highly content and with a pile of brochures. I kept on reading about low level laser therapy on MD Wildens webpage.

Up to that point of time I had been on 290 appointments with 30 physicians. I drove 14000 kilometres just to see my physicians.

Here's a list of all the physicians I saw:
2 - general practioners
1 - chiropractors
5 - ENT-doctors
2 - eye specialists
4 - orthopedists
5 - neurologists
3 - psychologists
1 - dentists
2 - internists
1 - alternative practioners
2 - surgeons
4 physiotherapists

Aditional treatments such as: acupuncture, reflexologist and other. x-raying: three times thoracic vertebra, three times cervical spine, three times breast region, once lumbar region

CT: head, cervical spine

MRT: head, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar region

After all those examinations they found out that I had no health impediments except the dizziness. I was completely healthy and physicians considered me a simulator. During my dizzy times I wrote everything into my dizziness diary, including graphics and written notes. No physician was interested in it except MD Wilden.

In April 2006, I felt dizzy almost every day and I had several attacks. The situation became awkward. I didn't hesitate to call MD Wilden in Bad Füssing for a low level laser therapy treatment within the next two weeks. MD Wilden told me that my ears were overchallenged and stressed out and didn't have enough time to recover. From that moment on I've been avoiding noise. Even when driving my car I keep my hearing aid switched off. If noise can't be avoided I use earplugs. During my two-weekly stay I received ten treatments. As I've had problems with hearing from childhood on and my problems have been getting worse slowly but steadily despite an operation I was fully aware that the hearing capacity wouldn't get back to its original state. I had challenged my ears way too much. Working in a noisy department for more than 30 years has a negative impact on the ears. Upon low level laser treatments my dizziness attacks became less.

Three months after my first treatment I felt I was getting better and my dizziness was improving. Within six months I had no more than seven dizziness attacks. Up to the present day I had my last one in October 2006. Hearing loss stopped and my hearing has been getting better ever since. Starting in June 2006, I drove to Mr. Kaiser in Baden-Baden for a low level laser treatment once a month. In November 2006, I went to see MD Wilden in Bad Füssing for another five applications.

In may 2207 I took 5 treatments in Bad Füssing and over the year I got 4 times treatments by Mr. Kaiser in Baden-Baden. From this the tinnitus was became much better. My hearing even so became better, so that my hearing aid I could reduce 4 times lower. In April 2008 I got 6 treatments by Dr. Wilden and in May 2008 my hearing aids had been completely new adjusted.

Summing up one can say that by low level laser therapy my dizziness disappeared, noises in my ears are barely there and hearing improved in small steps. I don't need remedies against tinnitus and dizziness anymore.

Two years after my first low level laser therapy I'm very happy that I'm not suffering from dizziness any more. Dizziness attacks were always dreadful to me as I lost control over my body. At the beginning of the therapy I wouldn't have thought that it would become such a success. I'm continuing the treatments now as the therapy convinced me, my dizziness stays away forever and my hearing keeps on improving.

I'm grateful to PH Wilden and his friendly team.

I can highly recommend the high-dosage low level laser therapy by MD Wilden.

In case you want to contact me, please feel free to send me an e-mail. kegelhof@gmx.net

Karl Egelhof, 55288 Schornsheim



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