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Experiencing the Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr. Wilden in case of Tinnitus.
Manfreds report

Overview Manfreds Tinnitus-report:

About me and my ears.

How it all began.

How I experienced my tinnitus.

What the physicians did in my case.

Thorough research on the internet - the decision.

Low-level-laser-therapy at Dr. Wilden's.

To the end of this report: my sum up


My report as tinnitus-patient Manfred.

The following text deals with my own tinnitus and its slow but steady improvement.

I need to point out that I did not find the therapy that finally helped me through the advice of a physician or the Deutsche Tinnitus Liga, but after a tedious research on the internet.

I have been on this therapy since August 2003. Now that I am publishing this website, its is June 2007.
I am still being a patient and applying energy to my ears. But luckily enough, the noises have improved to such an extent that I am now able to pass on my experiences to my fellow sufferers.
In the worst times I found my life-quality to be by 0% or less, whereas now it moves somewhere between 80% and 100%.
It has been for a couple of years now that longterm-sufferers and people who were deemed as hopeless can be helped. Thanks to the low-level-laser-therapy by Dr. Wilden.
As Dr.Wilden puts it, more than 4000 patients sought help by his treatment and an amazing 80% could be helped.
Due to my own experience, I confirm and highly recommend the approach that privat-scientist Dr. med. Lutz Wilden came up with.
1. Low-level laser therapy reaches the inner ear.
2. Ear-cells are able to recover.

The effect is fact.

Despite its positive effect, the approach is barely known. The formal-medicinical verification of the helping effect is still to come.
The reason for that is to be found in the loopholes of our academic system and in the economical and personal interests that are being touched. You might want to read it up under "links on the topic".

It is a "huge pain in the ears" that the existing therapy is not provided when necessary. That way, the tinnitus-sufferers become victims all the more.

I have been such victim for quite a while - feeling no life-quality at all. Luckily enough, I am feeling much better now.
It did not take longer than until August 2003 that I decided to seek help by the low-level-laser therapy of Dr. Wilden in Bad Füssing.

Why low level laser therapy by Dr. Wilden?

Regardless of a small number of "unfriendly" responses to this website, I am accused with being nothing but a commercial campaign for MD Wilden.
There are many different usages of LLLT, but only the right parameters have the best results for using LLLT at the ear.
It is not only my opinion that Low Level Laser Therapy along with the parameters for wavelength, intensity, pulsing, irradiation adjustment, length, repeating time and other parameters MD Wilden came up with, is at this point of time the most successful in the world.
It is the goal of our initiative that Low Level Laser Therapy by MD Wilden is reasearched upon as to its benefits, medical evidence and economic aspects for the Health Administration in Germany according to German paragraph 135 1 SGB (Social statute-book).
The term I have been using frequently, "by MD Wilden", exactly relates to these parameters.
Just like an aeroplane that can only take off when all parameters are met, the effect to the inner ear cells absolutely depends on these parameters.

If you are interested in how my state improved, I kindly invite you to read on.
Partly I am describing my own experiences and inward feelings in a very detailed way. That is supposed to help tinnitus-sufferers and those treated with Low Level Laser Therapy to compare their experiences to those I made.
Healthy people might imagine what they could be faced with. And above all, I intend to raise the interest of physicians and therapists.

To me and my ears.

Manfred R. 2013.

Please understand that more details are missing here. I am a private person.

At the beginn of my lasertherapy in August 2003 I was a 100 percent Tinnitus-Patient. I feel now in 2012 as 10-15 percent Tinnitus-Patient.
When I have noises, they are as a flat rushing.
I am still doing Low-Level-Laser-therapy and avoid loud noises and stress as possible.
If you want to contact me, feel free to do that via my e-mail address.

E-Mail to:  manfred@tinnituspatient.de

As to my ears:

My ears were "behaving" quite normal for many years.
In September 2001 when I was on vacation in Teneriffa, I was attacked by a sudden pain in the ears. The Spanish doctor put me on a treatment.
Upon return, the ENT-doctor in Germany treated me due to a layer on the eardrum, that went away then.
In 2002 I was in the hospital for 11 days because I had a sepsis. At last the 3rd antibiotic helped. That also can be a damage for the inner ear hair cells.
In July 2003 all of a sudden that whistle-tone appeared. I had an audiometry made at the doctor's, but he did not explain anything to me.
It was from Dr. Wilden that I learned my ears were highly over-challenged, the result of which was the tinnitus.
Up to that time I had never used ear-protection and - as I had to learn later - I had challenged my ears far too much noise-wise. For example as a "home-improver" and garden-lover: I was using shredders, lawn-mowers, high-pressure cleaners, screw-hammers etc. I never used leaf-blowers, though. I do not understand how they can be permitted despite the noise they create.
Traffic can be very loud as well, especially buses, ,,,. motorcycles, ... and so on.
Events can be very loud at times, even when there are no fireworks involved, but loudspeakers, trillers and stuff at demonstrations.
I still recall a huge demonstration I have been to. The huge loudspeakers were defect. When we were standing in front of them, all of a sudden they started to work again creating an outrageous noise.
I think that almost everyone of us can think of extremely noisy happenings.
In my teenage-years I listened to extra-loud music, but also listening to music via headphones can be very loud. We tend to underestimate that.
Also in my job, especially when working in a computer area I was exposed to numerous sources of noise: Printers, blowers, phones ringing and many more.
Those sources of noise have evolved in the last 100 years. The human ear was not able to adapt to that development at the same pace.
That is why deteorised hearing has become such a crucial issue.

Meanwhile, I bought myself a device for noise-measurement. When it is quite, the device shows about 40 dba. I am trying to avoid places where there are more than 60 dba or I am using ear-plugs. In the inside of a car at 50 kilometres an hour the device shows about 60 dba. As soon as you speed up, it can become far louder. A usual chat takes place at about 60 dba, while a party is far louder. A bus that crosses your way at 5 metres distance causes up to 75 dba or more, depending on how fast it goes.


How it all began

It was back in the beginning of July 2003 right after lunch.
I was lying on the couch and listening to my favorite oldie-tunes via headset.
It was a CD with English seefarers- and folk songs by Roger Whittaker.
I had to listen intensely to be able to understand the lyrics.
I noticed that the music was accompanied by some kind of whistle-tone.
I took the headset off, got up and went to the window.
The whistle-tone remained, it was high and somehow (...).
I did not know much about tinnitus at that time, but I did know that it appears as a sort of whistleing. The tone was not too loud, but it remained.
I told my wife: "I think I am having a tinnitus. In case the whistle-tone does not disappear by tomorrow, I will go and see a doctor."

How I experienced my Tinnitus


Even in the very first days, I found my tinnitus to be something very special. It is an illness that does not cause pain, but noises. In my case it was a high and fady whistle-tone.

What was so strange about it, was the way that it was connected with my emotional state. Throughout the day, the tone would move between low and medium volume. With the slightest mental effort, like when focussing on something, the whistle-tone got louder. It also increased dramatically when I was trying to relax.

Only when I spent time doing things that did not ask any mental efforts, I found my ears to become at least slightly better. I could not do anything else than clean up the cellar or sort screws and such things. I wandered around our cherry-tree in circles, went up and down in our back-yard. That was what I did from sun-up until sun-down as every time when I was going to take a break, my tinnitus would deteriorate. It was in July/August 2003, during day-time temperatures went up to 30 degrees and temperatures remained high at night.

The nights were a complete nightmare: As soon as I lay down, the noises got louder. At times, the tinnitus screamed so loud in my ears that I could not imagine it to be louder. Within a second, ten screaming fanfares faded into a permanent roaring tone. I felt like I was unconscious lying in my bed for hours, and a second felt like forever. Sometimes I tried to make that much complementary noise by putting on ventilators trying to oversound the noises.

At times, I found myself walking around on the road between 2 and 4 a.m. I took cold showers up to five times a night - afterwards, the tone became more bearable sometimes. In the daytime, it was impossible to keep up with the sleep that I had lost at night. As soon as I tried to lie down, the tinnitus got louder and louder. My life-quality was more shallow than the waterlevel of a kid's pool in Lone Pine. Every day turned into a fight from morning until evening and at night it would always become worse. I felt as though I was losing my sanity.

My physician treated my severe tinnitus as though I was having some minor illness - according to his usual treatment-pattern. When I asked him to prescribe me sleeping-pills and told him about the nightmare-like nights, he was unable to provide help. I had already talked to a couple of his tinnitus-patients. They were obviously having less problems than I had. They were able to fall asleep or the noises appeared only rarely. Later on and also on the internet, I learned to know people who were suffering about as much as me.

In one of the toughest moments I ended up thinking: "As long as I am strong enough to commit suicide, I am strong enough to seek help." My hope were the searchengines on the internet. If there was any way out, I would find it there, even though the lobbyists score higher.

What the physicians did in my case.


The beginning of the treatment by the ENT-doctor - hearing test and gingko...

I told him about my noises, since when I had them and that the whistletone had stayed for as long as two days. The doctor looked me in the ears and they did a hearing-test with me. Then he prescribed me a treatment. He did not let me know about the diagnosis. So I thought he probably gave me some bloodflow-enhancing remedy. But as I found out later, the doctor had put me on gingko. The doctor's advice was: "Go and see an ortheopaedic and have your spine checked."

So the orthopaedic checked my spine...

After x-raying my spine, he stated: "Your spine shows signs of aging." I was prescribed 5 appointments for stretching-lessons with breaks of two days. I obediently took the prescribed gingko-treatment. And I saw the orthopaedist every two days. But the tinnitus showed no mercy and I felt no relief at all. After the fourt stretching-lesson, I told the doctor that I did not believe the noises were caused by my spine. The doctor interrupted the lesson and let me leave without comment. Since the noises were increasing, the gingko-treatment seemed to have no effect. So I went to the doctor again, about 10 days after my first visit.

The infusions by the ENT-doctor.

The doctor pretended he had never seen me before and asked me since when I was having the noises. I received my first infusion and we made appointment for the next working-day. I thought I was feeling a slight improvement for one day. I received my first infusion and the next appointments were due on the following working-days. After infusions of 10 days, the noises wwere still there. The doctor said: "We can't give you any more infusions, 'cause otherwise you will get itching that won't go away." He put me on tablets and said: "Come back in 2 weeks." Since I was unable to find sleep at night, I asked him to give me a treatment that would help me sleep. But he could not think of one.

At that very moment, I became fully aware that I could not go on that way. When receiving the treatment I had consulted the internet, as the doctors showed ignorance regarding the topic of tinnitus. I had reflected over the steps of treatment and questioned the effect. The alternatives seemed to provide no hope, as the possibilities of scholastic medicine proved to be very limited. The tablets were followed by infusions and the success seemed questionable. That was likely to end up with the sentence "I can't do anything more for you".
The decision was made and I asked for a copy of my hearing-test. I had discovered something on the internet that made me have a sparkle of hope.

An attentive pharmacist...

Patients are having a conversation during infusion. All of them are suffering from tinnitus. They are asking each other how long they have been receiving treatment and if they are already feeling better. One of the patients tells her co-sufferers about an attentive pharmacist she met. When that pharmacist noticed that her GP had prescribed her a gingko-treatment, the pharmacist asked her if she was supposed to treat her tinnitus with the gingko. When she said yes, the pharmacist said she should rather get infusions immediately, as he knew the gingko-treatment was unlikely to help her. "Ask your GP or pharmacist" is what the tv-commercials recommend. Sometimes it needs both of them, I thought by myself. My pharmacist had not come up with doubts, though.

The shop window illness.

When I came home, I read the instructions. I found out that a treatment against shop-window illness was supposed to help me... Can the doctor help?

Especially at night the tinnitus made me lose my sanity. The noises used to get louder as soon as I lay myself down to sleep. At times, I fell into a short period of exhaustive sleep. In order to get a treatment against the horrible nights, I went to see my (ex-)GP. He told me that he would have given me the infusions immediately. When I asked him about the treatment against shop-window illness, my GP said the effect was very questionable. Unfortunately, he did not know a treatment to soothe my night-problems, either.

The psychiatric approach.

I was fully aware that they would have put me on psychotropics as soon as I had received psychiatric help. But do you have to go trough the "out-therapied"-status to be "entitled" to receive such help? I came up with the decision to try that treatment I had found on the internet - and I knew it was the right thing to do!

Thorough research on the internet - the decision.

Due to the huge variety of information provided by the internet I name only those that were important for my decision.

Comparison of my own treatment and the recommendations of well-reputed hospitals on the internet.

Unsurprisingly enough, I had started searching the net from the beginning on, mainly via the searchengine google. The doctor and the orthopaedic had been treating me speechlessly and without taking themselves time for me. Never did they explain the treatment or the trigger of the tinnitus to me. That is why I read up on the internet how hospitals treat their patients. I looked up how my treatment and medication were evaluated by the experts. Many of the important institutes recommend an immediate treatment with infusions. They point out every slight retardation is hazardous to the success, the success-rate is supposed to decrease with every day. I consider it a pity that there is no uniform way of treatment in Germany. In my treatment the infusions were the third step after three weeks with gingko-pills and spine-checks. I daresay that treatment seems to be up to the taste and intelligence of the doctor. Whom of the physicians would I be able to trust, provided there was a treatment for me at all? Sheer desperation came over me.

Help by Deutsche Tinnitus Liga.

In the course of my research I got to know the Deutsche Tinnitus Liga. It seemed to be the patients' most powerful organisation. I became member because I thought I was likely to receive real help. I was sent lists of names, cities, hospitals, etc. I learned that such a huge organisation provides very little help. Scholastic medicine is well-organised, but they provide no help other than the scholastic approach. I found out that the doctor who had treated me was member of the Deutsche Tinnitus Liga. During an infusion-session I asked him about his membership, but he largely ignored my question.

Various and mainly questionable approaches.

Obviously, there are different causes for tinnitus resulting in many different healing approaches. A part of the tinnitus-sufferers can be helped by the scholastic approach. Many of the sufferers could not be helped, remained ill and were deemed "out-therapied", though. A huge number of institutes and providers of technical devices supposed to fight tinnitus promise help on the internet. I started to realize that it was all about money. To test these methods would be a long, expensive and possibly very sad way.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

I bought myself a book that was recommended in order to get to know the method. The therapy aims to help patients to cope with the noises. The patients' exaggerated attention to his own noise is supposed to be reduced. Additionally a "noiser" is used. The noiser externally creates the tinnitus-noise so that the patient no longer suffers from his own inward ear-noise. As the tinnitus remains, the term "therapy" is not correct. If there was no therapy that provides real help, that approach would all probably be a way of staying alive, but it is another question if such life is worth living. The extent of the tinnitus varies. As far as I am concerned, I doubt I would have been able to learn and apply the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy-method for myself as the roaring tinnitus at night was just too strong.

Low level laser therapy by Dr. Wilden as a view from the internet.

I kept on searching for a treatment. I was aware that only a treatment I considered trustworthy and effectful would be able to help me. I happened to find the low level laser-therapy by Dr. Wilden and his website www.dr-wilden.de. I read about his approach and treatment, about energy in the cells and the cells' ability to recover. A cell starts off a recovering-process when it is being damaged. To be able to do that the cell needs ATP (adenosine-tri-phosphate). That celluluar energy is produced by tiny cellular organs called mitochondrien that generate ATP out of fat, (...).
The laserlight that Dr. Wilden uses kicks in here as it improves ATP-performance of the mitochondrien, so that the cells can start to recover.
That way I was able to understand the scientific-based treatment. Even though I proved unable to understand all the complicated cellular stories in detail, Dr. Wilden explained them in a very precise way.
The fact that the biological process in our bodies has evolved in the course of evolution equals cellular biology in terms of light and sounds very plausible to me.
The sun built us up as we are.
On Dr. Wildens website I found examples of people who have been cured. I checked what other people said about low level laser therapy. Some findings were very polemical, such as: "A piglamp won't work" and "lasertherapy destroys your brain". But there were also various positive hints: The European Tinnitus Association showed a positive feature and recommended: "Try it if you like to." I reached out for the straw and wrote an e-mail to Dr. Wilden including my last audiometry and I asked him to evaluate if he would be able to treat me.


Low level laser therapy by Dr. Wilden.

In the following I am explaining the time I spent with low-level laser therapy at Dr. Wilden's. Upon my e-mail including my latest audiometry Dr. Wilden wrote me back that my ears were already highly over-challenged, and yet very likely to respond to the therapy at that point of time. There was a sparkle of hope to me that there could be a life without permanent stress and desperation. My next e-mail was: "When can I come?" The answer: "See me soon." I called him right away. Dr. Wilden explained the process of the 1st therapy-block to me and I made an appointment for the next possible date.

My first day of treatment.

Unsurprisingly, I had high expectations. The rooms were modern and friendly, light-blue was the predominant colour. The employees were friendly as well and everything was accompanied by the typical calm Bavarian tonality, just like Dr. Wilden himself. The doctor's welcoming my wife and me was very hope-enhancing. He explained the schedule for the first day. Then he did an audiometry before the first laser-treatment. Afterwards he explained us the audiometry and what was going to happen to my ears and that I would soon be without noises. His way of speaking made it clear that he was very convinced of the scientific results he had come up with. I listened to his words, could barely believe what he said and the only thing I hoped was that he was right with what he said about hearing-cells and energy and that I would respond to it.

Then I had my first laser-treatment done. You lie on a treatment-bed. The head is placed in a softly shaped place. The eyes are covered for the sake of protection. The ear that is to be lasered is left free. The laser is positioned correctly. One right onto the hearing-tract, the other ones onto points on the head close to the inner ear. The treatment of one ear takes about 30 minutes. You do not feel much more than a slight feeling of warmth close to the (...). You do not hear much more than your own tinnitus, the soothing music in the treatment-department and people talking in the background as there are seven cabins. During treatment I found my tinnitus to be soothed.
After treatments Dr. Wilden would always ask me about my perceptions and talked them through with me. After the first day of treatment I had a real calm night. The peace and quite was not permament at that time, but an effect Dr. Wilden had reported in many patients after their first day of treatment. After a couple of days I noticed a change regarding my tinnitus - the high whistle-tone had turned into an interruptive deeper tone. That was a sure sign my hearing-cells were responding and the beginning of my recovering process.
In the same way as a soothing joint is accompanied by temporary and alternating pain the alternations in the hearing-cells cause all sorts of hearing-experiences. I was able to hear the increase of hearing: I perceived traffic and other things to be very loud. When I put earplugs into my ears my own tinnitus would emerge more strongly after a while. I felt most comfortable in a calm environment without wearing earplugs.

Consultation via e-mail is a very good thing.

Healing-process takes a very long time and the fact that you are not within the realms of scholastic medicine makes it even harder for the patients.
I asked the doctor for consultation via e-mail. That way, I was able to read up his answers thoroughly and as often as I neeeded to. That is a clear advantage to the spoken word. In the beginning I e-mailed as much as once a week, later on once a month and with the decrease of my noises I wrote fewer e-mails. The doctor's answers helped me a lot. If necessary I phoned him up as well - but I did not have to do that often.

Time between 1st and 2nd treatment.

Within this period of time my hearing experiences were worst. The noises were alternating several times a day. The nights seemed very loud and accordingly very exhausting. I proved to be impatient and full of doubts as I was experiencing things in my earthat noone else could relate to. I explained my perceptions and the questions that were resulting out of them about once a week to Dr. Wilden. The asnwer would always come by e-mail. What I appreciate more than anything in Dr. Wilden is that he was always able to give me a clear and precise answer on the questions and doubts I raised.

As I had decided to do the LLL-therapy a few weeks after the suffering had started, I expected the recovering-time to be rather short. But since the hearing-cells are as tough as they are, they start to "complain" a long time after the severe damage has happened, just like in my case. Even though I was going through tough times noise-wise, I was able to notice a slight improvement as to the nights from November 2003 on. After I went to bed after a couple of glasses of wine at about 10 p.m., I lay awake until the morning after a short sleeping-phase. The sleep-phase was very short at times, sometimes I did not sleep at all. Then I lay awake until the morning and went for a walk through the vicinity at night. It is due to the hearing-cells' toughness that they start to signalize impediments when the damage is already done. I went trough tough times but at the same time I noticed a slight improvement as to the quality of sleep. After drinking a couple of glasses of wine I used to go to bed at 10 p.m. and ended up lying awake until morning. The sleep-period could be very short, sometimes I got no sleep at all. Then I would wander trough our vicinty at night. It became better, though, and I was able to sleep until 3 in the morning, which I considered a real improvement.

The following descriptions of my noises are not supposed to be narcisstic self-expression - if there had been a way to put them down in pictures I would have attached them in pictures. The description of the noises is the only way to comprehend the ear's recovering process.
Noise-example December 2003:
3.12.2003 9:00 Blowy rustling without melody at 1/4 volume. 11:00 same noise, 1/5 volume. 14:00 more turbulent and pulsating. 19:00 pulsating with little melody. 22:00 at bedtime getting very loud, anyways managed to fall asleep. In the morning I showered my arms and legs with cold water.
4.12.2003 8:00 Blowy rustling at 1/6 volume. 10:00 the same. 19:00 pulsating evening-melody. 22:00 at bed-time getting very loud, three times at night I showered my arms with cold water.
5.12. diffusive rustling at 1/3 volume. 9:00 blowy lively rustling with melody, 1/3 loud. 11:30 in the forest, 1/5 loud. 14:00 diffusive melody, 15:00 very irritating, 1/2 loud. 17:00 the same 1/3 loud. 18:00 the same, 1/4 loud. 22:00 bed-time ok.

The second laser-light treatment phase

The second treatment phase with laser-light took place in December 2003 instead of 4 months after first treatment. The second phase included four hours of laser-light onto each ear. The laser-light treatment took place in the same pleasant atmosphere as during the first phase. Again, I had a long conversation with Dr. Wilden. For me as a patient, it was very helpful to talk to my doctor who highly approves of his approach. It was very important to him that I considered my annoying noises as something positive as it was a sure indicator of a recovering process. That makes it much easier for the sufferer when he knows that the noises are part of the process.
Noise-example April 2004:
22.4.2004: 7:00 lively smooth boiling-noises. 10:00 slowly calming down. 11:00 in the forest very calm, then becoming louder again. TV, very smooth melody.
23.4.2004: I had a good night, got up at 6:30. 8:30 less noise, throughout the day less noise, after 20:00 slight noise. Best day so far!
24.4.2004 woke up with rustling tone several times during the night, but fell asleep again. From 5:30 on unable to fall asleep. 5:50 I got up. 7:00 slight noise, whimpering. 9:00 getting louder, like blurry boiling. 16:00 louder and turbulent. TV, intermediate loud melody.

The 3rd laser-light treatment phase in May 2004.

It included 5 hours of laser-light onto each ear. Again, I talked to Dr. Wilden.
Noise-example July 2004:
25.7.2004: ok at night, slept until 6:45. 7:30 diffusive noises, asynchronous in both ears, getting more intense througout the day, 20:00 the same.
26.7.2004: ok at night, slept until 5:00, got up with noises at 5:50. Throughout the day alternating noises, diffusive and asynchronous, getting less in the evening.
27.7.2004: ok at night, got up at 7:00 with slight noise, 9:00 low whimpering, 14:30 intense permanent tone and blurry melody. 18:00 different noise-experiences such as whistle-tones at intermediate volume.

The 4th laser-light treatment phase in October/November 2004.

It included 5 hours of laser-light onto each ear again. The atmosphere was comparable to the pleasant atmosphere in the beginning. As in the preceeding phases Dr. Wilden took himself time for a long conversation with me.
Noise-example February 2005:
11.2.2005: night ok, slept until 5:00, got up at 6:30, very smooth noise, 9:00 smooth rustling, diffusively asynchronous right and left. 20:00 noise increasing.
12.2.2005: night ok, until 6:00 I was able to sleep with interruptions, got up at 7:20. 9:00 smooth drawing rustling noises (just like a water-pipe), during the day and TV as well.
13.2.2005: night ok, until 6:00 I was able to sleep, despite several interruptions, got up at 7:40, throughout the day thin whimpering noises.

The 5th and last laser-light treatment in March 2005.

It included 5 hours of laser-light treatment onto both ears again. The atmosphere during treatment was as pleasant as usual and I had long conversations with Dr. Wilden afterwards.
Noise-example August 2005:
8.8.2005: night ok, slept until 5:00, got up at 8:10, rustling. 10:00 slight grizzling, 12:00 grizzling disappears. 15:00 grizzling comes back, grizzling in the evening.
9.8.2005: night ok, in the morning slight rustling 9:00 noises only temporarily noticeable. In the day and in the evening the same.
10.8.2005: night ok, in the morning blurry tone-compilation. 8:00 decreasing, 9:00 almost no noises.

From December 2005 on, I have been using the 30 mw ELP-laser pen developed by Dr. Wilden at home.

It has been for a while that I have wanted to complete the laser-therapy at home. A reason for that are the long journey of about 9 hours train-ride as well as the hotel-costs. You can guess what a struggle it used to be for patients from foreign countries. The laser-device had been planned for a while, but market-response retarded.

I use it every day for 15 minutes each ear. Because the shape of the burst is like a slot, I turn it a little bit around in my hand after some minutes.

Since June 2007 the device specially built for ear-usage, type MLS, can be delivered at the same performance of 30 mw.

The noises have been decreasing ever since. They show an amazing cyclus of exactly four days. In the days accompanied by noises noises, my sensitivity to noise is higher: the more noise, the more sensitive are my ears. When wearing ear-plugs, like on car-rides, the noises emerge earlier and become louder. The cyclus then shortens to three days.
Noise-example June 2007:
4.6.2007: no noises, interference 0%.
5.6.2007: in the beginning no noises. From 16:00 on slight grizzling, disturbance 5%.
6.6.2007: steady rustling tone, disturbance 10%.
7.6.2007: very low grizzling, interference 5%.
8.6.2007: no noises, disturbance 0%.
9.6.2007: no noises in the beginning, keeps on like on June 5th.

In the following time beginning in November 2007 I went to MD Wilden once or two times a year for 5 hours of LLLT.
The last time I was in Bad Füssing in June 2010 because I had an other health-problem. I hope, the next time than in Regensburg will come in spring 2012.
At home I use the ELP 30 mw / 650 nm when the noises comes up for 15 to 30 minutes each ear.

Sum up.

June 2010 - again I have been to MD Wilden for 5 days.
Due to the treatment, my noise cyclus was barely reckognizable for a couple of weeks.
My cyclus is not typical for tinnitus laser therapy patients. At the moment it starts to come back, though. The cyclus shows a tendency to keep reducing from 4 to 3 days.
Upon that one and a half days from morning time on pass without any noises or hyperacusis.
Then the noises come up again around the middle of the day, starting with a slight *sizzling?*, followed by windy rustling. At the same time noise sensitivity increases. The nuisance is low to intermediate.
When noises come up in the evening, it is followed by a 4 days cyclus most every time.
The day after noise sensitivity and windy rustling remain turning more *blowy* towards the afternoon and evening, most of the time accompanied by a slight disturbance only.

I want to sum up my thoughts to the proces of low level laser therapy in my personal case at the current point of time.
I go back to the starting point of my illness where I believed my life would come to an end by my severe tinnitus.
My days were ruled by a permanent high fuzzy whistling noise. As soon as I was going to lay me down and give in to my tiredness, the whistling tone would turn into roaring noise fanfares.
Then with a stroke of good luck found the laser therapy by MD Wilden.
In the first low level laser treatments where the diverse limitations existed in a larger way, the improvements occuring after a while were very noticeable to me.
That I was able to sleep again was a huge improvement. The upcoming reliefs were lower and refered to a couple of improvements in everyday life.
That way, it kept going bit by bit. At some time, I started to appreciate listening to music again which was once more an improvement to me.
My tinnitus' nuisance curve just like the curve of effect of the LLLT grew flatter and flatter within the course of time.
I can still feel it, though, which is why I am still participating in laser therapy. I go to MD Wilden at least once a year to do my ears something good.

There are many diseases that cannot be completely treated away. Even a tinnitus patient will have to accept that and be content with his individual improvement rather than a healing of a 100 %.

December 2011 - there are no much changes since June 2010. But there are more and more cycles with only 3 days.

July 2015 There are no much changes since 2011. My last practice refresh the LLLT I had in 2013 still taken at Dr. Wilden in Regensburg. He now practiced in Ibiza. Now in June 2015 took me a vacation trip to Lake Constance on Baden-Baden to Naturopaths Amon Kaiser, the son of Dr. Wilden. Dr. Wilden and his son doing since some time their own ways of LLLT. I took 3 treatments each ear with Mr. Kaiser, and had some interesting conversations with him.
He plans to make its laser technology and experience other partners. And he is well on the way to. We welcome also very pleased that another, international appreciation and research of laser therapy in progress.
To be continued....


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